Conservative Councillor Supporting Blackpool Airport

Airport - Call to step up action now to support our airport business and improve Air Traffic Control (ATC) coverage.

I have spent sometime with the airport tenants, to understand how their businesses are operating.

Aside from the busy off shore helicopter terminal, almost all the businesses I have talked with have seen their operation grow within the last year.

Business General Aviation, is thriving with quick handling and short travel times.

Flight Training for both Private Pilots Licence and first step Commercial Licence also has increased year on year.

However, ATC closures and the method of closure for up to 45 mins is hampering this growth. Whilst the ATC team are working hard to train and recruit controllers, more must be done quickly by the leadership team and Council to support resolve this now. This will ensure the airspace is controlled during all operating hours for the airport.

I have made my views known, that the time is now to accelerate support in this key area of ATC - to support all the airport businesses.

Our airport site employs many and it’s growth is dependent on the right level of vision and leadership for it to develop further, which it can

Councillor Jason Roberts (Stanley Ward)