About Us

Blackpool South Conservatives are working hard to relay the Conservative message and values to the people in all communities of Blackpool South. We are a vibrant Association that is both politically and socially active. Outside election time, we run an array of social events for all tastes.

Like any worthwhile organisation, there is a lot of hard work to be done. It is rewarding and often good fun. Please join us.

If you would like any information regarding ward surgeries, PACT meetings or Forums, please email us and rest assured we will be posting all relevant information on this website - so please keep in touch and let us know your views, opinions and also matters of concern for your local community. This site is being contructed and updated on a daily basis.

Thank you everyone who supports our fundraising events - don't forget to sign up for updates to get details of all future social events and meetings. We need to make sure Blackpool has a sound and viable regeneration plan that halts the decline of its holiday business infrastructure and also its vast residential areas.

The only option cannot be to just demolish heritage buildings just because there is seemingly no practical and workable vision for the future.

Blackpool needs the passions and determination of those who can see its possibilities and the best way to create a vibrant business and working community around its many assets before it is too late.

The Conservatives in Blackpool have that passion and determination and are committed to seeing a bright future is in store for this town and all its invaluable heritage assets.